Norm Breyfogle Top 10 Favorite Comic Book Covers

Norm Breyfogle has been a comic book artist for more than 23 years. He is also an illustrator and painter. Hi is best known for his work on DC's Batman title, which he drew from 1987-1993. Hi is drawing for Archie Comic Publications' Life with Archie: The Married Life. Find out more on his site Asked his his top 10 favorite comic book covers he wrote, "Choosing 10 favorite cover out of hundreds is impossible. I've chosen 10 that had a major impact on me as a child and that increased my desire to become a comics artist. Here they are, in chronological order.

World's Finest Comic #172 (DEC 67)

"I think this Curt Swan/George Klein cover may have been on the first comic cover I ever read. I loved having my two favorite heroes together in the same family in this imaginary story."

Detective Comics #370 (Dec 67)

detective comics 370

"This Carmine Infantino/Neal Adams illustration was one of the first I ever remember seeing. Batman's shredded costume struck me as a dyanmic way of conveying the punishment he was experiencing."

Batman #207 (Dec 68)

Batman 207

"This Iv Novick cover reflected an epotimized the motif of the 'death trap' cliffhangers that I was seeing on the '60s Batman TV show."

The Brave and the Bold #84 (Jul 69)

"Of all the examples I could list, this book is the one most responsible for my becoming a comics artist. It's also the first time I became acutely aware of Neal Adams' art, and it's the only comic cover I ever tried to copy."

Aquaman #45 (Jun 69)

Aquaman 45

"The naturalism, mood, and dynamism of Nick Cardy's gigantic talent is on full display here. This issue also marks the first time I saw Jim Aparo's art (on the inside story)."

Eerie #23 (Sept 69)

eerie 23 Frank Frazetta

"I didn't even see this when it was first published and I didn't even become aware of Frank Frazetta's work at all until a few years later, but this is the first painting of hit I eventually did see, and it like opening my eyes for the first time."

Amazing Spider-Man #101 (Oct 71)

Amazing Spider-Man 101

"Gil Kane and John Romita created this cover, which started me off as a Spider-Man fan. Gil's always been a favorite of mine due to his drawings' dynamic anatomy."

Tarzan #207 (Apr 72)

tarzan 207

"The animal dynamism and swift and sure brushfwork of Joe Kubert's art was introduced to me most forecefully with this cover."

The Brave and the Bold #109 (Nov 73)

Brave and the Bold #109

"This is one of the first Jim Aparo covers I saw, and it shows how dyunamic his work was back in the early '70s and why I became his fan."

Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction #6 (Nov 75)

Unknown Worlds of Science Fiction 6

"I chose to include this Frank Brunner cover because the interior story it's illustrating was such a challenge to my own beliefs at the time that I wrote and illustrated a rebuttal in comics form (unpublished)!"

Thanks to Comic Buyer's Guide. This favorite comic book cover list was originally published in May 2011.